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Confidential document shredding is critical in our information technology society to prevent identity theft.

It is cost effective, by outsourcing your shredding, you decrease the cost of document destruction. There are no employee wages to pay, no paper shredder to maintain, no mess, and no loss of confidentiality. Also, your employees’ time is spent on more productive activities.


Paper is divided into high and low grades.  A grade refers to the quality of a paper or pulp, and is ranked against other paper or pulps on the basis of its use, appearance, performance, manufacturing history, raw materials, or a combination of these factors.  High paper grades include computer print-out paper, white ledger, and coloured ledger.  Low paper grades include cardboard, newspaper, magazines, and mixed office paper.

Recycling reduces the use of non-renewable fossil fuels if pelletized and reused as a solid fuel source. Lower grade waste paper can be pelletized and utilized as a solid fuel source in industrial boilers.

Shredded paper can also be used to package shipments.

Records Retention Do you know how long you are required to keep documents before destroying them. We have compiled a document retention schedule for you.
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Confetti Like Paper ShreddingDocu-Shred is a licensed, bonded and local company serving the Prince George and North Central BC Region.

Our in-truck shredder which shreds thousands of pounds of paper per hour into confetti-like pieces, is state-of-the-art equipment.

Ensuring the safety and security of your sensitive documents we shred on-site at your place of business.

Why Shred?

The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act ( PIPEDA) details principles relating to document retention and destruction including the obligations that businesses have to protect personal information that is no longer required, and that organizations need to develop and implement procedures to oversee the destruction of personal information.

With today’s security issues such as identity theft, competitor advantage ( industrial espionage ) and privacy issues, shredding discarded and outdated documents is your only option.

Many offices are faced with space constraints and need a program in place for eliminating waste paper in a timely manner especially during year end and tax filing times when large amounts of paper and files must be dealt with.

Our On-Site Shredding Services

We supply the storage containersOn-Site: Docu-Shred will come to you and shred at your home or place of business.  We offer both scheduled and on-call shredding.  Because we are a Prince George company and have the advantage of availability, many of our customers have on-site shredding done on a weekly basis. Other customers prefer to be on-call because their paper buildup is irregular.  

Containers: Our containers are provided free of charge with regular shredding, all our shredded paper is recycled into another paper product and there is no contract to sign. Docu-Shred has a variety of sizes and types of containers depending on your needs. (Pictured at right and below)

Affordable: Several packages to choose from depending on amount of paper to shred and frequency.

Contact us for a custom quote for your business needs.

Mini-Console Console Shred Cart

Deskside PDC or Mini console
Deskside - Mini Console
18" x 12"x 13"
Capacity 20 - 30 lbs
Weighs 5 lbs

Consoles - Slim Boy
Console - Slim Boy
16" x 23"x 36"
Capacity 80+ lbs

Locking Security Bin
Shred Cart E Series
240L with Lockjaw
23 " x 29"x 42"
Capacity 200 - 250 lbs
64 Gallon with Lock

Docu-Shred has an assortment of office consoles made by local craftsmen. This collection is being added to on a constant basis. In addition to the bins pictured above we also have:

  • Cardboard Collection box & nylon bag - 18" x 13.5" x 30" - capacity 80+lbs
  • Underdesk Cardboard Collection Box - 10" x 12" x 12"
  • Long Narrow Console - 19" x 19" x 36" - capacity 80+ lbs