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Docu-shred in Prince George BC Canada
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Every day your business generates sensitive, confidential information. It is impossible for any business not to acquire personal information, whether it be that of employees or of customers and everyday, someone in your company is responsible for deciding what to do with that information.
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If your sensitive information falls into the wrong hands, the consequences can be disastrous. Docu-Shred offers secure on-site document destruction giving you peace of mind and saving you time, money and storage costs.

Docu-Shred is a long-time local shredding company in Prince George. We are licensed and bonded, and we offer hands-free on-site security shredding at up to 5000 lbs per hour. Because our truck employs a bin lift system, and paper is not manually fed into the shredder, both speed and confidentiality are increased. We have several types of collection containers, both open and locking. The wooden locking and the cardboard open ones are made in Prince George using local industry. All shredded paper is recycled into another paper product.

Whether you need regular pick-up of documents or would like to have us come on an "as needed" basis, we can fit your stop into our schedule with several options to choose today. 


On-Site Shredding
On Your Schedule
We Supply Containers

Service to Your Door

Certified Destruction
Safe, Bondable Staff
Locked Containers

Security Issues are Solved

Privacy Laws
Identity Theft
Confidential Records

Privacy Policy Regulations

Know the Benefits

Time Management: Your time is valuable, have us come in and set up Docu-Shred bins. We remove your confidential papers on a schedule that works for you – at a price that is extremely affordable. Rest assured that we will not disrupt your office environment; we collect all documents from the Docu-Shred bins and begin shredding immediately.

Legal Requirements: Your Business’s Reputation will be best served by having a local, professional company ensure sensitive documents are destroyed in a professional manner. Docu-Shred can even assist your company to become compliant with today’s important privacy policies and legislation.

Eliminate Storage Fees: Document storage can be expensive. Stored documents are a never-ending security issue.  They create an ongoing privacy issue that can cost thousands of dollars in space rental, security, maintenance and alarm fees. Docu-Shred will destroy all unneeded documents, helping to free up office space and assisting your company to get a handle on today’s privacy laws.

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