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Dumpster-diving still remains the most popular method of information gathering.  Throwing sensitive papers into the trash is not responsible, and businesses will be held liable should it be discovered they are doing just this.  Docu-Shred's Certificate of Destruction provides proof of responsible paper shredding.

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Planning your Privacy PolicyDoing your own shredding is not as cheap as you might think:

When a company shreds its paper “in-house” it is demonstrating its awareness for security, however this method can prove to be expensive.  Not including the initial purchase price and on-going cost of maintenance of the shredder, a basic cost analysis shows that “doing your own shredding” is not as cheap as you might think.

Let’s say an employee, at a wage of $10.00 per hour, spends 5 minutes each day shredding paper.  The cost of that is $.85 per day, or $.17 per minute.  He or she works 22 days each month.  That works out to $18.70 per month or $224.40 per year.  Let’s say there are 5 employees.  That’s a whopping $1,122.00 per year.

This doesn’t take into consideration the other costs associated with employees doing their own shredding:  the cost of the shredder itself; servicing costs; bags for for the shredded paper; employer contributions in the payroll cost; or the fact that equipment may be busy requiring an employee to wait.  The final aspect to consider is what to do with the shredded paper. 

Employees in modern offices generate anywhere from ½ to ¾ pounds of paper per day.  In a month (22 workdays) that’s about 15 pounds.  It doesn’t take long before an inconvenient pile begins to grow, and that’s a definite security risk.

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